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Congrats! You and your partner have decided to get married! As you plan all the details of the big day, you may be wondering who will guide the ceremony so it lives up to your expectations. You may be sorting through religious and cultural traditions, trying to knit together a ceremony that feels authentic. You may be asking each other, how do we make this official?

You've come to the right place! I can create a custom ceremony; one that is uniquely tailored to authentically represent your union. I'll be your guide and co-creator, as we weave together ancient and contemporary, traditional and unconventional.

On the big day, I can solemnize the union with style, grace, and warmth.

I'm Rachael Tanner, your Wedding Officiant, co-creating a custom wedding ceremony with you!

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Choose the package of services that is right for you!

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Ask about virtual discounts! You can save up to $225!

Nova + Christopher, June 25, 2017

Nova + Christopher, June 25, 2017


Let me build a custom wedding ceremony for you! I'll work with you and your partner to design a ceremony that reflects your union. The most raved-about feature is writing your original love story, the unique signature of your wedding. I get to know you and by your wedding day, everyone will think we've been friends for years! Includes rehearsal!

With this package, I provide:

  • 3 one-hour consultations

  • Original Love Story written by me for you

  • Research of topics & traditions of interest

  • Over 8 hours of writing and editing

  • Rehearsal

  • Officiating the Ceremony

  • Solemnizing the Marriage

Crowd pleaser! Most raved-about ceremonies! 

Chris + Rachel, May 2018

Chris + Rachel, May 2018

DIY Couture $900

Today, many couples are writing their own ceremonies, but still want coaching and expert advice. If you'd like a custom ceremony at a lower price, this is a great option. I'll provide insight, coaching, and editing as you write your love story. I'll also help identify special elements. Then, I'll run the rehearsal and perform the ceremony for you!

With this package, I provide:

  • 3 one-hour consultations

  • 4 hours of editing and writing consultation

  • Love Story written by you with help from me

  • Some research of topics & traditions of interest

  • Rehearsal

  • Officiating the Ceremony

  • Solemnizing the Marriage

Kraig + Ashley, December 2017

Kraig + Ashley, December 2017

Made to measure $600

Through 1 hour of consultation and 2 questionnaires, I can create a ceremony that has been tailored for you. While it won't include your unique and original love story, each element of the ceremony will have been selected based on your desires. There will also be mini-customizations and inclusion of details from your relationship. I will deliver the ceremony with warmth and grace. 

With this package, I provide:

  • 1 hour-long consultation

  • Ceremony Tailoring

  • Inclusion of personal details and anecdotes

  • A selection of special elements to choose from

  • Officiating the Ceremony

  • Solemnizing the Marriage

Adele + Sybil, 2018

Adele + Sybil, 2018


Perfect for a wedding at City Hall, elopements, or couples who just want to keep it simple. I’ll meet with you for an hour, walk through the ceremony from start to finish, and find the perfect ceremony in my repertoire to fit you! 

With this package, I provide:

  • 1 hour-long consultation

  • A selection of ceremonies to choose from or “mix and match

  • A selection of special elements to choose from.

  • Officiating the Ceremony

  • Solemnizing the Marriage

Most popular package!

Dianne + Thomas, 2018

Dianne + Thomas, 2018


Are you officiating a wedding for the first time? Have you asked a friend to officiate, but they are feeling a little nervous? Work with me to help learn the ropes of wedding officiating and receive guidance on the ceremony creation--and even some help with public speaking.

With this package, I provide:

  • Access to ceremony templates and writing aids

  • 2 one-hour virtual consultations (video chat or phone)

  • 1-hour, in person speech practice & coaching

Mohamed and Susan, December 2017

Mohamed and Susan, December 2017

additional costs

MILEAGE - $0.54 cents per mile

$0.54 cents is charged per mile of driving distance for the officiant to get to and from the wedding ceremony and the rehearsal location.  Distance is measured from the officiant's home in San Francisco to the wedding ceremony and rehearsal location.

OVERNIGHT - $100 per night

Typically, wedding venues within a 75 mile radius around San Francisco.  I will travel outside of that radius; however a lodging fee of at least $100 is required per night. 

HOLIDAY surcharge - $300

Holiday weekends can be great times to get married. I'm happy to officiate!  It does, however, come at the cost of sacrificing time with my own family.  Weddings on holidays or holiday weekends are required to book the Bespoke Ceremony or DIY Ceremony packages OR pay an additional surcharge of $300. 

Affected holidays and the weekends preceding and/or following include:  Christmas Eve*, Christmas Day*, New Years Eve*, New Years Day*, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, President's Day, Indigenous People's Day (aka Columbus Day), Easter Sunday/Weekend, Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday.

*NOTE: The weekend preceding Christmas Day until New Year's Day and the following weekend incur the holiday surcharge.  



Ask about virtual discounts! Save up to $225!

Aaaand 4-review-rebate!

Work Samples

If you click here you can view a Google folder of ceremonies.

Below is a video clip of a wedding ceremony I performed.

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About rachael


Passion + TALENt

I officiated my first wedding in July of 2016, for 2 dear friends—Dan and Melissa.  I  enjoyed working alongside them to create a ceremony that reflected their relationship.  I enjoyed the ceremony and received such encouraging feedback, I knew I’d love to offer this service to others.

This creative and spiritual endeavor combines my love of public speaking, strong writing skills, and my abiding faith in the divine and the conviction that we are sacred.  

Diversity + the Divine  

I was raised in--and still practice--the Protestant Christian tradition. I believe, however, there are many paths to the divine. I am ready to accept the presence or absence of faith. I am comfortable in any cultural or religious tradition, including atheism, agnosticism, and secular humanism.  I can and get along with just about anyone.  

I grew up in the midwest, spent time out east, and now live here in San Francisco.  I am a bi-racial and well-traveled woman, eager to learn about the traditions that matter to you and your partner.


I am ordained by American Marriage Ministries, a non-profit, interfaith and non-denominational church.  American Marriage Ministries believes that the choice of wedding officiant belongs to the couple.  Read more about this ordination here.

a little about me

I am 32 years old.  I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan—a small city in southwest Michigan.  I attended the University of Michigan for undergrad, directed a faith-based non-profit in Kalamazoo, and then headed to pursue a graduate degree in City Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

After a few years in Long Beach, California, my partner and I settled here in San Francisco.  I enjoy my day job as a city planner, as well as my hobbies: politics, performance, and being outdoors!

Photo:  David Leong Photography



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Yael V.
14 reviews 200d ago

Rachael worked with me and my fiance to create our wedding ceremony, which also included a love story about our relationship, and our vows. (We chose the combination DIY-with-consulting-package.) She was very easy to talk to and collaborate with, and provided us with a lot of thoughtful questions and resources so we could come up with ideas and write. She gave us useful feedback and suggestions that made our writing better. The ceremony Rachael designed was beautiful, meaningful, and thoughtful. Many of the guests I spoke to told me that they enjoyed the way she officiated the ceremony and her warm presence. Overall, she worked really hard and did an excellent job. Rachael, thank you so much for making the most important part of our wedding day as special and memorable as it could be.

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